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If you want to play college sports, the name of the game these days is marketing. It’s time to throw modesty and humility out the window, and realize that unless you are a top athlete and being heavily recruited as early as your sophomore year, colleges might not know you even exist. Colleges will probably overlook you as a potential recruit unless you let colleges know exactly why they should take a good look at you.
Recruit athletes get effective, exposure to over 3200 college coaches nationwide. If it is possible for a particular athlete to obtain a scholarship anywhere in the country, he/she can find it through Recruit. A typical Recruit athlete will receive 50 to 100 responses from specific colleges. These contacts by colleges begin the dialogue between the athlete and these schools as they interact to see if there’s a “fit” between what the school offers and what the athlete wants. Every athlete is different and unique. Not every athlete will find a fit with every school nor would they want to. But the vast preponderance of Recruit athletes will find the fit they’re seeking if they are willing to do a good job of follow-up after being contacted by interested colleges.
Do you want to play college sports? If so you need to get in the game and get Recruit.
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  • Know Your Majors and Requirements If you know what field you want to go into after college, it’s important to make sure you go to college somewhere that will prepare you for your chosen profession. Some schools are particularly well-known for a specific major, like pre-med or architecture. Going to one of these schools will put you in a great ...

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